Shipping Delays due to Covid19

Due to the current health crisis, we need to make you aware that all airmail has been halted until further notice. The only regions that are not affected by this are Hong Kong and Singapore. In the meantime, we can send the books via surface mail. please check for your region’s specific timings. Surface Mail is of course included in the price of the book. Additionally, we can also ship the books via Courier. In case you would prefer us to send the books via courier, we need to charge you the difference between airmail and the courier. The courier costs are listed below. We truly apologize for this inconvenience and truly hope we will soon be able to ship the books in a more timely fashion. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us on Please stay safe, Your TimTimTom Team.


Australia             6-8 weeks

Europe                8-12 weeks

South America    not available

Canada               8-10 weeks

China                  3-4 weeks

Singapore           no change (2-4weeks)

United States      10-12 weeks

Hong Kong         2 weeks


Extra Courier Costs (we will still continue covering the cost of normal airmail. The prices below reflect the final cost. If you prefer the book to be sent via Courier, it would arrive within 14 working days). For additional countries please contact us on

United States    $ 26   or Slower Courier 21 working days $15

Canada             CAN$ 50

United Kingdom £15

Germany           €15

Belgium             €15

France              €15

Spain                €22

Australia            AUD 25

Switzerland       CHF23