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Bilingual books your kids will want to read

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Read For

Kids love stories they can relate to. Books in which the child finds him or herself in the story are a great aid to entice your child to enjoy reading.

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Kids love having their loved ones undistracted attention. Make it a habit to read every day with your child. And enjoy the cuddling.

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learn languages

As kids relate to the story and connect reading with a pleasurable activity, they will playfully use their not-so-strong language.

Read For Fun

Kids prefer reading when they can relate to the story, when they consider reading a fun experience. This is why in every TimTimTom book your child becomes the hero of the story and in his or her home languages. 

Cuddle Closely

Reading aloud with your child gives you the perfect occasion to cuddle up with your child. You can create an emotional bond around books while your child is playfully learning. Don’t underestimate the power of cuddling up for both the child and yourself.

Playfully Learn Languages

Our books are designed in such a way, that you can use the detailed illustrations as a discussion starter or use the sometimes challenging text to learn new vocabulary. Ask open ended questions about the story and be surprised to hear how much your child is learning.

Reading In Two Languages Is Double The Fun.

Children find a bond to our personalised books because they find themselves in the story in their name, their appearance and the languages they speak at home. They enjoy reading or being read to even in their not-so-strong-language. 


So Cuddle Up & Happy Reading!