Happy Year of the Dog – 狗年大吉

The lunar new year is once again upon us and we wanted to wish you all a very happy new year – xīn nián kuài lè.  We hope all your wishes come true and if you are helping your kids to learn Chinese or maybe plan to travel to China in the coming year with your kids, here some great resources for learning Chinese:


Miss Panda Chinese

Chinese resources for kids and parents who are non-native speakers

Chinese 4 Kids

Chinese Mandarin learning materials designed by a teacher, tried and tested in a classroom

Language Aids

TimTimTom Personalised Bilingual Books - the perfect gift for your child

Tuttle Flashcards

The Tuttle Chinese for Kids Flash Cards kits are a Chinese language learning tool specially designed to help children acquire necessary words, Chinese characters, phrases, and sentences in Chinese in a fun and easy way. Available for different ages and levels.

TimTimTom Personalised Bilingual Books - the perfect gift for your child

Chinese Made Easy Language Books

One of the best Chinese language textbooks for young students, available with instructions in various languages. The language materials are presented in fun and interesting ways, with highly attractive and colourfully designed pages.

TimTimTom Personalised Bilingual Books - the perfect gift for your child

Translate and Learning App: Written Chinese Dictionary

An amazing Chinese dictionary, especially useful when travelling and much better than the often very embarrassing Google Translate

Chinese New Year Song

If your kids are learning Chinese, there is a chance that they have been singing this song non-stop in the past few days. Watch the video and below some help:

And, of course, bilingual books are a great resource to make reading in 2 languages more fun


Personalized Book for Bilingual children

Bilingual, Personalised Books by TimTimTom!

A bilingual and personalised story that will spark your kid’s imagination and language ability.

You can customize the name and look of the child and choose any combination of two out of ten available languages.

(Some available language combinations: English-Spanish, English-German, English-Russian, English-Chinese, English-Portuguese, English-Italian, English-Dutch, English-French, French-German, Russian-German, Spanish-German.)

The books are now also available in one language

TimTimTom – Reading in Two Languages is Double the Fun

by TimTimTom .

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