Best Christmas Books in various languages

Christmas still seems so far away (only a week everyone… get going!!). But there is still so much to get done. It somehow always catches up with you, year after year. This weekend it is time to wind down, at least a bit, and enjoy some family time. If you live in a colder climate take a hot chocolate and the warm socks and get the whole family under a blanket with some books. If summer is only starting for you why not a good Christmas book around the pool or at the beach. Whichever it is Happy Christmas Reading and here some of our favourites that have been published in many languages. Any additional your kids enjoy?


“It was the night before Christmas” by Clement C Moore

Spanish version: Era la víspera de navidad

A cute story about St Nicholas coming to everyone’s house on Christmas Eve. The illustrations are a hit. We have two different editions and they are both beautifully drawn.


“The fourth King” by Ted Sieger

Other versions: El cuarto rey, Der vierte König

A reminder of the true meaning of Christmas


“How the Grinch stole Christmas” by Dr. Seuss

A holiday classic, of how sticking together is more important than any presents and material things.


“La robe de Noël” by Satomi Ichikawa

(what the little fir tree wore for Christmas)

A magical story about a little tree that was not chosen for Christmas. But Christmas day brings a beautiful surprise for the little tree.


“Demain c’est Noël” by Claire Massurel, illustrated by Marie H Henry

Not sure this exists in other languages but the illustrations alone are gorgeous. A captivating story about friendship and the real meaning of Christmas.


“Christmas in noisy village” by Astrid Lindgren illustrated by Ilon Wikland

German version: Weihnachten in Bullerbü

This is a personal favourite, Astrid Lindgren at her best. A fun and naughty group of kids, go about the Christmas preparations in a turn of the century village (that’s 1800-1900!!) After reading the book, the movie is also incredibly well done, leaving you with a warm and cosy feeling about friendship and growing up together.


“The Snowman” by Raymond Briggs

A wordless story, in which a snowman comes alive. Can be “read aloud” in any language!!


“Paddington’s Christmas Surprise” by Michael Bond

A typical disaster turned beautiful story, in true Paddington-style.


“Where are Santa’s Pants” by Richard Merritt

Join the search for Santa’s Pants!


“Nutcracker” by Susan Jeffres

A beautifully illustrated version of this Christmas ballet classic.


“A wish for wings that work” by Berkley Breathead

Opus the penguin, the main character, wishes for Christmas that he had wings that work like other birds. The book is about accepting what you are given because everyone is special in their own ways.


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2 thoughts on “Best Christmas Books in various languages

  1. Ellie says:

    Thank you for this list, several books on it that I did not know. Our favourite:
    For the last few years, my 2 sons love re-reading The Polar Express by Chris van Allsburg. A classic and just magical
    Story: On Christmas Eve, a young boy boards the Polar Express, a mysterious train to the North Pole. When he and the other children on the train arrive, he meets Santa and is offered the very first gift of the Christmas season.

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