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Bilingual books your kids will want to read

Free book readings in many languages, perfect for bilingual kids

It is amazing how all around the world many authors, celebrities, moms and dads have come together trying to help kids staying at home by reading aloud cool books in all imaginable languages. We have put together some of our favourites, but would love to hear which ones you are following or even better which Read-Alouds your kids love.

Book Read-Alouds are a perfect reading resource for kids with more than one language.  Expert storytellers read books aloud in their mother tongue. So children and parents can spend an enjoyable moment cuddling up and practice their languages without even noticing.

 Mom reads and Underwater Adventure with kids TimTimTom Books

English Read-Alouds


100+ free Read Alouds

The Indianapolis Library has gathered more than 100 free Read-Alouds from old classics like Where the Wild Things Are to newer favourites like Little Jumbo. It’s storytime online! This listening library is available all day every day (and all night!). “Read it again!” has never been easier!

Save with Stories

A great idea by Jennifer Garner in conjunction with the charity Save the Children and No Kid Go Hungry.  Celebrities read-aloud children’s books on Instagram. Today the Duke and Duchess of Sussex read a book to their son Archie for Save the Children for his first birthday. And for all those bilingual moms and dads reading this, we have even seen some Read-Alouds in Spanish and French…Go multilingual celebrities!!!

This charity has been set up to collect money for children that usually rely on a daily meal at school, however due to the current school closures are missing this one nutritious meal.  Many international versions exist now as well. Save with stories Korea, Save with stories Australia, Save with stories UK, Save with Stories Spain, etc.. It’s a great social venture, enjoy the Read-Alouds and support them, no matter how little the donation it helps.

And remember…Kids enjoy reading more when they can relate to the story, so if their favorite actor or actress is reading out a book, this automatically makes them more enticed to love reading.

Bring me a Book

And here in Hong Kong Bring me A Book has started a similar endeavor with local celebrities, check out their readings in Chinese (mostly Cantonese) and English. You can find all the Read-Alouds at Bring me a Book’s Facebook Page.

Storytime with Greg and Craig

Two very funny guys reading aloud the crazy way.  Kids love to hear stories and see their funny faces, expressions and of course comments. If you are feeling a bit gloomy, they will for sure brighten your day with their Read-Alouds.

Girl reads to her teddy bears - TimTimTom Books Blog

Spanish Read-Alouds


Cuenta cuentos con Beatriz Moreno

Beatriz’s Read-Alouds are the ones we have used the most for Spanish books.  She does a great job to keep the attention of the kids while reading out the stories.

Cuenta Cuentos Salvat

All of the stories by the Salvat publishing house, in other words 80 years worth of  Spanish stories and songs altogether in one Youtube channel. We have often used these during long car rides. But they are perfect while trying to make dinner or even when putting the kids down for a “siesta”.

Kalandara TV Cuenta Cuentos

Really cute stories read aloud by great storytellers, very often by the author and or illustrator of the book.

Cuéntame un Cuento

Loads of amazing books, sometimes read in very fast Spanish.  And here a special read aloud for Mother’s Day, which is this Sunday, the 10th of May in most of the world.

Títeres in Spanish (Puppet theatre)

Titiriteros de Binefar

Instead of a book read aloud a story made into a puppet theatre by expert storytellers. It is rather common in Spain to find a puppet theatre in a plaza or maybe even during Sunday market and the Titiriteros de Binefar have 30 years experience in making kids laugh, while bringing their stories to life.  Lucky you, you can enjoy their art directly from your living room couch, cuddle up and enjoy the puppet theatre.  Maybe you love it and decide to create a puppet theatre at home.  Here the most amazing puppet theatre performance in a movie The Sound of Music Puppet Show Scene

two German girl reading a story to each other - TimTimTom Books Blog

German Read-Alouds

Opa Chris 

Old classics like “Frederick die Maus“ or modern series like „Kleiner Eisbär“ read aloud by Grandpa Chris.

Marionetten in German (Puppet Theatre)


Salzburger Marionetten Theater

This Theatre performs probably the most intricate and beautiful puppet theatre performances in the world. Our favourite Peter and the Wolf by Prokovief, here in German Peter und der WolfThey also have performances in English.

 Chinese girl reads a French space book to her stuffed animal - TimTimTom Books Blog

French Read-Alouds


Even international bestsellers such as “la petite taupe qui voulait savoir qui lui avait fait sur la tête”. A book that kids often love, why you ask?  Well the main topic is poop, what better topic for a small child.  My kids loved this book, especially my husband’s sound effects that came along with all the different types of poop described in the book ???? The giggles from all family members will stay in everyone’s memory!!

Chat Chouette

She reads tons of beautiful French books.  One of our favourites is On S’Ennuie, a great story for kids that are bored at home, perfect during the time without school.

Portuguese Read-Alouds


Fafá conta histórias

She currently has a special with loads of books for mother’s day, you can find them all on Dia das mães.  But she reads tons of other great books on her channel.

Mandarin Read-Alouds


Panda Mandarin

Panda Mandarin has as many stories in Mandarin, which are then parallel translated into English. We love the book Mom’s Kiss, you can listen to the story here 妈妈的吻 .

Russian read aloud with mom - TimTimTom Books Blog

Russian Read-Alouds


Listen to the Tale (ПОСЛУШАЙ СКАЗКУ)

Tons of stories in Russian, both Russian classics and also international hits such as the

Gruffalo in Russian.  I don’t speak Russian. However, I loved to listen to the Gruffalo read aloud in Russian.  Our amazing Russian editor, Tatiana, recommended this YouTube channel for Russian storytime.

TimTimTom Books Read-Alouds

On our Instagram IGTV Page you can find our Underwater Adventure in three languages.

Spanish, German and English are available, more languages and stories will be coming in the coming weeks all read by mother tongues speakers, so you and your children can benefit from hearing the stories read aloud by native speakers.

If you want to give it a try and send us a video of your TimTimTom Books read aloud, we would love to make it available to all our little readers. Send your videos to and get a 20% discount on your next book.

We would love to hear which Read-Alouds you have enjoyed and also what new ones you can recommend to us, so that we can add them to this list.

We hope you can find a storytime you and your little munchkins looooove among these recommendations. Get ready, cuddle up and enjoy a fun Read-Aloud!!

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