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Easter Activities for bilingual kids (for all kids, really)

Only two more weeks ‘til Easter…Yikes! Where did the time go.  Yes, the kids will soon be out of school again. In many places children can still not attend school in person, so why not organize some Fun Easter activities for your bilingual Kids. Easter activities that children and parents can enjoy with the added benefit of  some extra language exposure.

Fun Easter Activities you can use for some extra Language exposure

It is a bit like hiding the veggies in the meals, we will “hide” some playful minority language practice in fun Easter activities for your Bilingual Kids. We hope the whole family can enjoy the Easter activity egg-stravaganza.

Kids learn best when they are having fun. Same is true for kids learning languages.  This is why we love festivals or holidays such as the Lunar New Year, Easter, Summer Holidays or Christmas to make the most out of this time together and practice our home languages. This is the best time to focus on the minority language en familia.

Easter Memories – What Easter Activities I have fond memories of

I have very fond memories of Easter while growing up, because it was a bit like Thanksgiving in the US.  The house was always full of family and friends, we spend a long weekend eating and playing games and there was loads of chocolate involved.  Here is a family pic, after a successful Easter egg hunt at my grandparents house.  See that over-happy-chocolate-high 3 year old, that’s me. Big grin and all!

We’ve put together some tried and tested Easter activities that you can easily do at home during the Easter holidays, a big shout out goes our amazing multilingual mom and dad language wizards for sharing their Easter activities and family traditions. Happy Egging around

Stay safe and Have some bilingual, family fun with these Easter Activities

Easter Activity Nr.1:

Easter Egg Hunt in your Home Language

Instead of doing the typical Easter egg hunt, have the kids do some tasks in between each egg searching run. This way they are entertained for longer and you can actually “bribe” them to use their minority language.  Just some ideas:

Easter Bunny reading a book

  • Jumping jacks
  • Draw a picture (Download some Colouring Pages by TimTimTom)
  • Read aloud/Tell a joke while touching your toes Easter Jokes
  • Name 3 things that are blue
  • Find 3 striped eggs…find the eggs with polka dots…
  • Who won the last football match?
  • Grab your favorite bilingual book and read or be read to your favorite page.

“We did this last year and it was a bawl.  We all laughed so hard, at the end the kids organized an activity hunt for the adults.”

Maria (Mandarin/Spanish TimTimTom Language Wizard)

Language Wizard Hint: You know your kids, so try to make it personal and use things they love i.e. their favorite color, the type of eggs that they colored, a sport they love.

Spanish Scavenger Hunt by Discovering the World through my Son’s eyes

English Scavenger Hunts in Pinterest

TimTimTom Colorful Easter Eggs

Easter Activity Nr. 2

Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt for Bilingual Kids

Smaller kids will need your help with reading out the clues, but this is the perfect time to use some harder words, so they learn some vocabulary around the house. Here some great pre-made Scavenger Hunts

“You can either just make the kids find things around the house or really use clues to go from one place to the other and have the eggs hidden at each of the stations. Make sure the clues are written in the kids’ not so strong language if they can’t read just help them out when they find the clue.”

Nikolas (Russian/English TimTimTom Language Wizard)

Colourful Easter Eggs

Easter Activity Nr. 3

Make a Card for Friends and Family

Who are you missing the most? Who do you think you could make happy, by telling them you are thinking of them with a card? Don’t forget to use your home language for the step-by-step instructions and for the materials you are using.

“We sent notes last year to grannies and grandpas as they could not make it over for Christmas due to the travel restrictions. We had just spoken to them online and it was my son’s idea to write a journal of the day for the grandparents, so that they where also somehow part of the day. So every time someone made a joke or ate something he/she loved we wrote it down and at the end of the weekend we send it to them. It is now our favorite tradition and yes you guessed it, the journal/notes were written in my son’s not-so-strong language ????”

Sophie (French/Dutch TimTimTom Language Wizard)

Language Wizard Hint: If you have somebody you child really cares about, that speaks his or her not-so-strong language use that person to introduce extra language activities, writing, reading, zoom call, etc.  It is the perfect motivation for some extra language exposure.

Easter Handprint Cards Use your kids’ handprint to make a card for Granny

Easter DIY Cards for Kids There are tons of fun Easter Arts and Crafts projects on this Page.  We love the bunny bookmark, for example. Bunny Bookmark

Colourful Easter Eggs

Easter Activity Nr. 4

Go on an Easter Bunny Hunt

Hide pictures of bunnies, stuffed animal bunnies, books that include a bunny (and read it after the bunny hunt)

How to draw a cute rabbit step-by-step

“I saw this online, where they had placed bunnies all around a neighborhood and thought it was such a cute idea. We live in an apartment block, so we decided with some of our neighbors to do this last year with social distancing in mind.  We used binoculars and it was a blast, some neighbors saw us and they have now joined us for this year’s bunny hunt.”

Melissa (English Language Wizard, but hoping to learn Italian)

Language Wizard Hint: Make it a family event or split the family into two teams and make sure to use a lot of words to describe what the bunnies look like (color, size, bushy tail, etc)  and where the bunnies where found (underneath, above, beside, next to, in between, etc)

Colourful Easter Eggs

Easter Activity Nr. 5

Color Egg-Shells and Make an Easter Tree

Bilingual Child hanging an egg on an Easter treeA beautiful Easter decoration and the perfect pre- Easter activity. For us this is always like the Advent calendar for Christmas, once the egg decorating starts Easter is around the corner.

All you need for this is a potted plant or simply a branch, loads of eggs, toothpicks and yarn.  Blow out the eggs in advance and let them dry for a few days, so you are only left with the shell.  How to blow out an Easter Egg

Once the eggs are dry you can start  coloring or dying them in all the colors aof the rainbow.

“I think this is a German Easter Tradition, which we relished as kids and now my kids are joining in the coloring and decorating fun.  Every year we have more eggs, as the really pretty ones we keep.  We are soon moving, so I hope the eggs will survive the move.”

Heike (German/English TimTimTom Language wizard)

Language Wizard Hint: If possible, use white eggs, as the dye will look brighter on white than on brown eggs.  And don’t forget to use the inside of the eggs for an omelet, a cake or simply some scrambled egg. And of course use the decorating time for some language practice for colors, patterns, etc.

Easter Egg Dye Ideas

Natural Easter Egg Dyes

Colourful Easter Eggs

Easter Activity Nr. 6

Get ready for a bilingual Egg Fight

Use hard-boiled eggs, color them and let the fight begin!

Everyone chooses an egg and tries to stay “unbroken” as long as possible. You are allowed to use the top and the bottom of the egg.  If both sides of your shell are broken, it’s time to eat your egg and lick your wounds.  Last egg standing without a broken shell is the winner. Be ready parents, somehow my kids always win! Taylor Swift and her Bro star in the “Easter Egg Fight”

“The Egg fight was my favorite Easter family tradition.  We usually had a big group of family and friends over for Easter Sunday Brunch in Perú.  Everyone spoke at the same time, Spanish, English, and German were spoken loudly around the table throughout the brunch.  However, as soon as the egg fight started, the room went quiet, a moment of suspense and then all hell broke loose as the first fighters lost the battle and honorably had to eat their destroyed egg.”

Gaby (Spanish, English, German Co-Founder TimTimTom Books)

Best way to eat a broken Easter egg:

Peel the egg

Cut it in half length-wise

Take the yolk out and put it to the side, preferably still in its intact shape

Fill the hole, where the egg yolk was with: olive oil, vinegar, mustard, salt and pepper all to taste.

Place the egg yolk back in the hole and enjoy!

And here are some more Easter activities that we have been collecting from friends and family over the last year.

Easter Activity Nr. 7

Easter Arts & Crafts Ideas

Arts & Crafts projects are always a great way to entertain the kids and give them some language exposure.  Two-in-one ???? And Easter is the perfect time to spend some time making decorations, simply because they are so cute. Here a few ideas.

Handprint Bunnies by One Little Project

Paper Bunny by Easy Peasy Fun

Easter Activity Nr. 8

Guess How many?

Fill a jar to the rim with jelly beans or mini chocolate eggs. Let everyone submit their guesses.  The prize is of course the jar filled with candy!

Sugar high!!

Language Exposure: Great number practice in your minority language.

Easter Activity Nr. 9

Easter Tag

Just like normal tag, but right before somebody is tagged to save themselves they can yell out an Easter related word.  Each word can only be used once.

Language Exposure: the Easter related word has to be in your minority language, otherwise it does not count.

Easter Activity Nr. 10

Easter Hop Sack Race

Easter sack race for bilingual children

Hop like a bunny and be the first to reach the finishing-line.  If you don’t have sacks, use old t-shirts and put both legs through the neckline.

Language Exposure: Put the family in teams and all fan support for the team has to be in your minority language.

Easter Activity Nr. 11

Egg Spoon Race

Honestly I have no idea how the kids do it, but their balance is simply better…or is it that second little hand holding the egg…hmmmm

Those Hard-boiled eggs really come to good use!

Language Exposure: Yep you guessed it, all instructions in your home language.

Easter Activity Nr. 12

Relaxing Read Aloud Session

Yes after all that fun (and chocolate), you will need something to bring the kids down and enjoy some cuddling time. A read aloud session in the minority language brings the day to a perfect end.

Check out our bilingual, personalized books a perfect keepsake for that special child or children in your life.

What are some of your Easter family traditions from around the world? Let us know in the comment sections below. Take care and stay safe.

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