Niños Bilingües, como mantener sus idiomas durante la pandemia

Consejitos para que tus niños bilingües sigan practicando sus idiomas durante la cuarentena   Usa el idioma menos fuerte en tus actividades cotidianas con tus niños bilingües   Habla con tu niño o niña en su idioma menos fuerte durantes tus actividades diarias: cocinar, ayudar en la casa (lavar la ropa, hacer la cama, algún […]

Fun Bilingual Activities during Chinese New Year for Kids

How to celebrate the Chinese New Year with your child Our Bilingual Advent Calendar was such a success that we thought, why not try to replicate it for Chinese New Year and give you a list of language-based activities that you can introduce to your bilingual family, while learning a bit about another culture, regardless […]

Favorite Chinese New Year Books, some in more than one language

Chinese New Year is upon us once again, this year it is the year of the Ox.  Our town is painted red, as we speak. Decorations on every door, orange and plum blossom trees are appearing everywhere to bring in good luck for the new year.  The Spring Festival or Lunar New Year is a […]

30 ideas for your Bilingual Summer Bucket List

How to avoid the Bilingual Summer Slump – 30 ideas for your Bilingual Summer Bucket List Summer holidays have already started for some, but are about to kick off for most of the northern hemisphere. With it comes the chance for children to have even more exposure than usual to their home language. We have […]

A Bilingual Underwater Adventure on World Ocean Day

  Today is World Ocean Day, a day in which we are reminded about the importance of oceans’ in our everyday life. We have put together some activities to bring the ocean closer to home and spend some quality-language-time with the little ones while talking about the sea.     Fun Ocean facts for your bilingual […]

How to raise a truly bilingual child

Maybe we should start by asking what is a “truly bilingual” child? Is it a native accent?  Is it perfect grammar?  Is it expansive vocabulary? Is understanding and using sarcasm and double meanings?  Or is it all of these combined and more? Truth is there is no one-size-fits-all measurement for the universal understanding of what […]

Free book readings in many languages, perfect for bilingual kids

It is amazing how all around the world many authors, celebrities, moms and dads have come together trying to help kids staying at home by reading aloud cool books in all imaginable languages. We have put together some of our favourites, but would love to hear which ones you are following or even better which […]

Bilingual Kids – How to keep your child’s language skills flowing during quarantine

Remember to use the child’s not so strong language throughout the day Use your target language in your daily activities – cooking, helping around the house (laundry, making the bed, DIY project).   New Vocabulary in the target language Think about the vocabulary you would like your child to learn, try to use new words […]

Easter Activities for bilingual kids (for all kids, really)

Fun Easter Activities for your Bilingual Kids Only two more weeks ‘til Easter…Yikes! Where did the time go.  Yes, the kids will soon be out of school again. In many places children can still not attend school in person, so why not organize some Fun Easter activities for your bilingual Kids. Easter activities that children […]

How to Keep our Bilingual Kids Happy and Learning during Coronavirus – The Easy Way

As many of us are dealing with new routines, new realities, and changing circumstances, I’d like to share some easy ways to engage in activities with your kids at home – with a bilingual twist, of course!    In this time of uncertainty, many parents are feeling a bit lost about how to homeschool their […]