Fun Bilingual Activities during Chinese New Year for Kids

How to celebrate the Chinese New Year with your child Our Bilingual Advent Calendar was such a success that we thought, why not try to replicate it for Chinese New Year and give you a list of language-based activities that you can introduce to your bilingual family, while learning a bit about another culture, regardless […]

Your Guide to a Bilingual & Diverse Book Library for Your Kids

  Representation matters in children’s literature. Children who see images of themselves in books, whether it’s kids with the same color skin, the same physical impairment, or the same language, representation prevents children from feeling “otherness.”   Public awareness about diversity in children’s literature is at an all-time high after a year of politically charged […]

Favorite Chinese New Year Books, some in more than one language

Chinese New Year is upon us once again, this year it is the year of the Ox.  Our town is painted red, as we speak. Decorations on every door, orange and plum blossom trees are appearing everywhere to bring in good luck for the new year.  The Spring Festival or Lunar New Year is a […]

15 Ways to Have a Very Merry Bilingual Christmas

🎶 It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas 🎶   Regardless of winter or summer in your part of the world, December 25th is just around the corner! So use this time to bring in some family language fun and make it a special Bilingual Christmas.   We at TimTimTom know how difficult 2020 […]

Bilingual Advantage: Why Bilingual Students do better in School – in all Subjects!

It’s no secret that we’re big fans of bilingualism here at TimTimTom! We’re so enthusiastic about the topic that we’re offering our new series, The Bilingual Advantage, to showcase just how awesome it is to speak more than one language.    Did you know that bilingual children typically outperform monolingual kids in all academic subject […]