Best personalized book in Spanish for Kids

You are looking for a special present for a child that speaks Spanish or is learning Spanish? Let us introduce you to an innovative idea, a personalized book in Spanish. You can personalize the child’s name and look, so the child will find him- or herself as the hero of the story.  Additionally, you decide […]

Niños Bilingües, como mantener sus idiomas durante la pandemia

Consejitos para que tus niños bilingües sigan practicando sus idiomas durante la cuarentena   Usa el idioma menos fuerte en tus actividades cotidianas con tus niños bilingües   Habla con tu niño o niña en su idioma menos fuerte durantes tus actividades diarias: cocinar, ayudar en la casa (lavar la ropa, hacer la cama, algún […]

Why are Bilingual Books helpful?

Are Bilingual Books helpful? Bilingual Books are great aids for Bilingual Kids We often get asked “Are Bilingual Books helpful, when trying to raise bilingual children?” Yes, I know we are biased, but it worked for us and our kids and we are convinced that Bilingual Books are helpful.  When my kids were growing up, […]

Your Guide to a Bilingual & Diverse Book Library for Your Kids

  Representation matters in children’s literature. Children who see images of themselves in books, whether it’s kids with the same color skin, the same physical impairment, or the same language, representation prevents children from feeling “otherness.”   Public awareness about diversity in children’s literature is at an all-time high after a year of politically charged […]

Favorite Chinese New Year Books, some in more than one language

Chinese New Year is upon us once again, this year it is the year of the Ox.  Our town is painted red, as we speak. Decorations on every door, orange and plum blossom trees are appearing everywhere to bring in good luck for the new year.  The Spring Festival or Lunar New Year is a […]

Bilingual Advantage:  Why Learning to Read in a More Phonetic Language Helps Kids Learn to Read in English 

Call out for TimTimTom’s New Blog Series:          Bilingual Advantage Today we are super excited to introduce our new series: Bilingual Advantage.  Kids that grow up bilingual often have a head start in many areas of life. Just ask any monolingual adult who has struggled to navigate a foreign country! Life with […]

The Truth About Speech Delays in Bilingual Children

Bilingual parents are often concerned that their kids will have a speech delay. This is not true. Bilingualism does not cause a speech delay in kids. Bilingual children know the same amount of words only divided into two languages. What can I do to help my bilingual child develop his or her vocabuary in both languages.

Hoping to raise more empathetic kids? A second language can help

“If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his language, that goes to his heart” – Nelson Mandela   A second Language can help in raising empathetic kids   Language Learning is So Much More Than Verbs + Vocabulary Over a […]

A Bilingual Underwater Adventure on World Ocean Day

  Today is World Ocean Day, a day in which we are reminded about the importance of oceans’ in our everyday life. We have put together some activities to bring the ocean closer to home and spend some quality-language-time with the little ones while talking about the sea.     Fun Ocean facts for your bilingual […]

How to raise a truly bilingual child

Maybe we should start by asking what is a “truly bilingual” child? Is it a native accent?  Is it perfect grammar?  Is it expansive vocabulary? Is understanding and using sarcasm and double meanings?  Or is it all of these combined and more? Truth is there is no one-size-fits-all measurement for the universal understanding of what […]