The work of an Illustrator, look behind the scenes – The “Making Of” TimTimTom’s Underwater Adventure

Introducing Katrien Van Schuylenbergh, the illustrator of TimTimTom’s Underwater Adventure. Katrien has illustrated numerous children’s books, advertising, magazines for the past several decades and simply loves it! So in order to introduce her work on TimTimTom’s Underwater Adventure she put it in pictures and shows how she created the images. Here a quick peak at this amazing illustrator’s studio and creative work.

Why teach children languages early in life?

It is simply so much easier to begin early – no need for long hours of grammar or vocabulary cramming. The old adage that children are like sponges, is true in our opinion, and just as kids learn their mother tongue in an explosion of words, they can easily learn a second or third language. Here some interesting articles we found that detail the benefits of learning a second language early on in life.