Bilingual Personalised Stories… Why?

TimTimTom Personalised Bilingual Books - the perfect gift for your child

logo vierkant 160x160…it took a while, but now we are very proud to welcome you to and our personalised, bilingual children’s stories. Passing a love of languages onto our children is very important to us, but we could simply not find bilingual books that our kids seemed to enjoy reading. We noticed in our own families – and then after thorough research – that children read more and absorb more detail and words, when reading (or listening to) personalised books.

Combining these two as tools for language learning and inspiring kids to have more fun while reading is why was originally created.


First Bilingual PTimTimTom Personalised Bilingual Books - the perfect gift for your childersonalised Book

We have now launched our first book: An Underwater Adventure in which the child becomes the hero of the story. He/She gets to ride on a dolphin’s back and has to try to save a turtle tangled in a fishing net. A perfect personalised gift for a baby, a child in a multi-lingual family or a great aid for children learning a new language.


  • It is bilingual because you can select any two of six available languages, to tell your child’s story. Currently available in English, Mandarin (simplified), Dutch, French, German and Spanish.


  • It is personalised because your child becomes the hero of the story: his or her name and image (hair colour, skin tone, eye colour), can all be customised.

Bilingual, Personalised Books by TimTimTom!

TimTimTom Personalised Bilingual Books - the perfect gift for your child

A personalised, bilingual underwater adventure that will spark your kid’s imagination and language ability.

You can personalise name and look of child and choose two out of six available languages.


by TimTimTom .

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    • timtimtom says:

      Yes, for sure we send to Spain. Just in the last few days we had orders going to France, Sweden, United States, Hong Kong, Belgium, Germany and also Spain.
      The book is sent via regular airmail. You will receive a message from us once it has been printed and shipped. And best of all, the cost of shipping is FREE, no matter which country you live in.

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