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Bilingual books your kids will want to read

Best personalized book in Spanish for Kids

You are looking for a special present for a child that speaks Spanish or is learning Spanish? Let us introduce you to an innovative idea, a personalized book in Spanish. You can personalize the child’s name and look, so the child will find him- or herself as the hero of the story.  Additionally, you decide if you want the book only in Spanish or in Spanish plus one other language. (A little secret, we have 9 other languages to choose from).

Why a personalized book in Spanish?

Kids love to read or being read to, especially if they can relate to the story.  Enter a personalized book in Spanish that has your child as the main character and hero of the story.  Personalized books are a great aid, especially when children are starting their reading “careers”. If your child considers reading a fun occasion, and event she looks forward to, she will also enjoy reading on her own.  Personalized books can be very helpful to entice your children to love reading. Even better for children that speak Spanish or are learning Spanish. A personalized book in Spanish can be very helpful to give your child more exposure to Spanish.

Will my child get confused if we read in Spanish and in English?

Many parents believe that they will confuse their child with more than one language.  Did you know that more than half of the world’s population speaks more than one language? They don’t seem to be confused.  Nowadays, we have enough research to know that children do not get confused by speaking or reading in more than one language.  Furthermore, we know that children that learn to read in a phonetic language have an advantage when learning to read in English. Spanish is a phonetic language as most letters are read the way they are spelt. So yes, a personalized book in Spanish that entices your child to read will actually be helpful also for his or her English reading development.

How do I choose the best personalized book in Spanish?

Just as any book, a personalized book in Spanish is no different, the best way to ensure the child will enjoy the book is to choose a topic that your child is interested in.  This takes us back to our comment above, children enjoy reading more when they can relate to the book.  So yes, TimTimTom Books make your child the hero of the story in their name, their looks and their languages. Also we have chosen topics that smaller children enjoy:  Soccer (Football for our readers outside of the US), Ballet and our bestseller, our Underwater Adventure.   You can even write a personal message to a lucky kid, who will keep this book as a keepsake forever, as no other child has that same book. boy reading a personalized book in Spanish

A personalized book in Spanish that special child in your life will read and read and read again

There is one danger with our personalized book in Spanish, though – the story will be read over and over many times.  But this is the reason we have made sure that there are many things to find in the illustrations of our books.  Also, we have chosen vocabulary that is a little more challenging for our personalized books in Spanish.  Kids will not only learn in the cuddly reading sessions, but also through the discussions and questions the book will create. So we hope you will enjoy some fun snuggling up, reading a personalized book in Spanish with your children. Happy Bilingual Reading!  

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