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Bilingual books your kids will want to read


Together, let's inspire kids to read in more than one language

Meet the Bosses...and their Mom

Hi, thanks for dropping by and welcome to our little bilingual parenting safety haven. 

I am Gaby, born and raised in Peru to Spanish-German-English speaking parents. I spent two decades working in corporate jobs all over the world and hence experienced first-hand the amazing benefits of speaking more than one language, both on a professional and personal level. I even met the love of my life because I spoke his mother tongue.

So, it was clear my kids would grow up seamlessly speaking all three languages, plus some. 

Ha! As I’m sure you know, nothing is a given when it comes to raising kids. 

The rollercoaster ride of bilingual parenting

Once my children reached school age, they refused to speak Spanish. Sure, they could understand it, but getting them to answer in my mother tongue was like pulling teeth. 

I felt like a failure. WHY were my children rejecting my language? More than that, it felt like a rejection of our culture, my family, our values…

I was gutted!

Now with the benefit of hindsight, I know that this happens even in the best of bilingual families, so please no matter what, do not give up. It might take some time, but the kids will at some point realize what an amazing advantage they have by speaking more than one language. Relax…and patience, loads of patience! ( and maybe a glass of wine or two)

The purpose of TimTimTom Books

I noticed how books and more specifically books that the kids could relate to, was the one tool that helped me most in motivating the kids to speak in Spanish (their weakest language).  Reading became a real family bonding time, all cuddled up on one bed reading stories in different languages. 

I used to translate German or English books into Spanish, as I could not find Spanish books they kids enjoyed and could relate to. And this is how TimtimTom was started, I wanted to create books that kids enjoy and are written in the two languages spoken at home, regardless of what language combination you have at home.

Enter… TimTimTom Books

Has your child been the recipient of a personalized book? 

If so, there is truly nothing like watching a child’s eyes light up as they realize the story is about THEM. THEY are the hero, the star, the main character… Kids can automatically relate to a personalized book, because they see themselves as the star of the story.

TimTimTom Books can be customized with the name and look of the child, as well as with his or her two languages.And a little bonus your personal message is printed on the first page, so it becomes a real keepsake and a one of a kind book, no other child has!

Bedtime stories become magical again 😍

Happy Reading – Feliz Lectura – Bonne Lecture – Viel Spaß beim Lesen!

A very special mention

Before you leave this page I want to mention Kat our Co-Founder. I would have never started TimTimTom without the push and motivation of Katrien Van den broeke, another trilingual mama and creator of our bestseller “The Underwater Adventure”. If it was not for Kat’s motivation, hard work and creativity we would have never made TimTimTom happen…hartelijkt bedankt, chica!