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Bilingual books your kids will want to read
Our Books are available in Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Mandarin (Simplified and Traditional) Portuguese, Russian and Spanish. You can choose any combination of two languages.

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(personalized books in one or two languages)



3 minutes

is all it takes to make this unique keepsake for a special child in your life

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Read For

Kids love stories they 

can relate to. 

Books in which the child 

finds him or herself 

in the story are a great aid 

to entice your child to enjoy reading.



Kids love having

their loved ones 

undistracted attention. 

Make it a habit to read 

every day with your child. 

And enjoy the cuddling.


learn languages

As kids relate to the story 

and connect reading with 

a pleasurable activity,

they will playfully use 

their not-so-strong language.

a gift everyone will be thrilled to unbox


Personalized &

The child becomes the hero of the story, not only showing his/her name, but also his/her appearance. 


1 OR 2

Stories are written in Chinese (Mandarin), Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish.
You choose either one or two


Hard Cover
Long Lasting

All books are hard cover with colorful illustrations that stimulate the kid’s creativity and start beautiful discussions


A Very Personal
Message From You

You can include a message from you to the child, so the book becomes a keepsake the child will relish forever.



My 4year old boy just loves to read this book. He picks up the book and asks his big brother, Mandarin tutor, parents, etc to read the book for him saying “It’s in both English and Chinese. You can read me the story in any language you like!”. Brilliant book! Can’t wait to collect other books

Hyomi Jie

¡Está genial! Hasta yo (el padre) estoy aprendiendo alemán, finalmente. Todos hemos leído la historia yo en español, mi mujer en alemán y los chicos no se cansan. Por favor, avísenme cuando salga el siguiente.


I read Alexander and Dolphin to my Alexander last night and Max kept repeating “Alexander” “Alexander,” it was so cute. We loved the vibrant pictures, the cool storyline and the fact that the dialogue was easy to understand and animate, but not too elementary that he was bored with it. And we can learn Spanish together. On a sentimental note, I love how the mom tells Alexander to “Be brave” as he goes off to the big pool. Those are the exact words my own mother left me with when she dropped me at university for the first time, Be Brave. Thank you for such a wonderful keepsake for my sons.


I need to let you know how much my son loves his book. He is not a keen reader, but he now reads his story with the dolphin several times each day, just great! Will for sure keep coming back for the next books.


We chose Russian and Portuguese and where impressed that it does not feel like a translation. Bedtime reading has become more fun again…THANKS!!


“Mommy again please, this time in Deutsch, bitte” My four year old son after reading the book twice in English last night. If the value of a book is measured by the times we have read it so far, this book is definitely a winner!


Finally a book in Russian my son loves!


Dieses Buch ist mehr als ein Buch für uns, es ist sprachliche “quality time” für uns. Die Idee ist genial, die Personalisierung macht es superleicht für die Kinder das Buch zu lieben und die Bilder sind großartig. Das Buch ist ausgezeichnet und ich werde auf jeden Fall nach euren neuen Geschichten schauen.

Ringo H

We ordered a personalized book as a baby gift for friends with Russian speaking family. They loved the gift and were so impressed with the story, language and illustrations. I found the order process so easy, and I got great customer service! They caught a typo in my dedication and followed up with me to correct it before they printed the book. I was impressed by their outreach and timely communication, too.

Rebecca Weismann

After a minor hiccup dealt beautifully by Gabriela from TimTimTom our UK-French-Russian family received the most fabulous books for the kids. We were so impressed with the customer service, the attention to details, the stories and, as we have native speakers in the family, the translations! What a wonderful service this little company provide and a joyous moment when the children realise they are the everyday heroes in the story. What truly wonderful moments we shared. THANK YOU. Life in a multicultural environment is so enriching, thanks for making it even more so. TimTimTom, you are the best! We were all blown away. Thank you! R and R.

R and R

The book looks amazing!!! And this company was one of the most attentive and accommodating stores I’ve encountered. Definitely going to order more of these books for myother nieces and nephews.

Candace G

entertaining story. 100% recommended. Thank you for the great work! Yesterday we received our customized book. My 5-year-old child was delighted with his new book, and above all with his name on the title and him as the main character of the plot. In Spain it is complicated to find a bilingual book in two minorities languages, such as English and Portuguese. In this way, we could enjoy our language combo with an entertaining story. 100% recommended. Thank you for the great work!


Thank you to all the happy kids around the world